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Dull skin, dark spots, fine lines, and other signs of aging can make you feel like you never look your best. Jennifer Nguyen, MD, and the providers at Advantage Women’s Care offer chemical peels to help women in The Woodlands, Texas, area regain their confidence with a more youthful appearance. To find out more about chemical peels and other options for skin rejuvenation, call the office in Spring today or make an appointment online.

Chemical Peels Q & A

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a facial treatment that uses a chemical solution to remove surface layers of dry, dead skin cells. A chemical peel creates a controlled wound, causing the dead skin to peel away, exposing fresher layers of skin and triggering a healing response that rejuvenates your skin for maximum anti-aging results.

There are three kinds of chemical peels:

Superficial peels

A superficial peel is the gentlest type of chemical peel. Superficial peels involve a mild alpha hydroxy acid that exfoliates only the most superficial layers of skin to reduce discoloration and improve skin texture. Superficial peels require little to no downtime, but they also don’t offer the dramatic results of stronger peels.

Medium peels

A medium peel typically uses glycolic or trichloroacetic acid to penetrate into the middle layers of your skin. The deeper exfoliation improves the appearance of skin imperfections such as fine lines, age spots, and hyperpigmentation.

Deep peels

Deep peels use stronger chemicals such as trichloroacetic acid or phenol to address moderate wrinkles and lines, age spots, acne scarring, and more. These acids trigger intense exfoliation in the middle to deep layers of your skin, so you’ll need to plan for some downtime following a deep peel. After the recovery period, your results are impressive.

What should I expect during a chemical peel?

When you have a chemical peel at Advantage Women’s Care, you’ll relax in a comfortable position. Your provider first cleanses your skin and then carefully applies the chemical solution. You may feel a little tingling or stinging, depending on the strength of your peel.

Some chemical peels are combined with skin rejuvenation treatments for maximum skin revitalization.

How do I care for my skin after a chemical peel?

Depending on the strength of your peel, you may have some blistering before the top layers of your skin begin to peel away. How long this process takes also depends on the depth of the peel. Deep peels can take 3-4 weeks to heal completely, and you’ll probably need to wear a bandage on your face for at least two weeks after your treatment.

To find out more about chemical peels at Advantage Women’s Care, call the office today or schedule a consultation online.